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Hellenic mosaic discovered in massive Italian find


(ANSA) – Monasterace (Reggio Calabria), July 23 – Students
on an archaeological dig near the southern Italian town of
Monasterace have uncovered an important and ancient mosaic,
authorities said Tuesday.
The large mosaic, likely of ancient Greek origins, was
discovered near another major find announced last fall by
archaeologist Francesco Cuteri.
Cuteri says he is pleased that students from Argentina and
Italy made the latest mosaic discovery, which he added is an
important find.
"The discovery is of extraordinary importance because it is
the largest Hellenic mosaic of Magna Grecia (an area of southern
Italy)," he said.
The mosaic, depicting dragon and dolphins, may date from
the Hellenistic period, which ran from about 323 BC to about 146
Work on the excavation began in 1998 and last year had
already led to the discovery of a mosaic depicting a dragon, a
rosette and six panels with floral motifs.
Cuteri said work is far from finished.
"We are confident....we can find at least two other
panels," he said, adding the new area has been dubbed 'the hall
of dragons and dolphins'.
"We have worked on this excavation for 15 years and now
what emerges fills us with joy".

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