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Uncovered 273-year-old Modena balsamic vinegar 'delicious'


Modena, July 15 - A 273-year-old phial of Modena's
prized balsamic vinegar has been uncovered in the northern
Italian city and experts say it's delicious.
The viscous, gourmet grape reduction was found two years
ago along with a handwritten note inside a 18th-century chest
inherited by a Modenese family.
"Vinegar taken from a bottle of the Gregori family of
Modena in 1740. Today, February 17, 1943, the vinegar is 203
years' old. Signed: Giulio Jacoli fu Cesare," read the note.
After extensive chemical tests, the ampule was approved for
an official taste by the Consorteria dell'Aceto Balsamico
Tradizionale (Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Consortium) to judge
its texture, flavor and appearance.
The consortium gave it 307 points, just 10.8 points below
the balsamic vinegar that won this year's top prize at the Palio
di San Giovanni, the industry's top competition.
Tasters said they were stunned by its high quality given
nearly 300 years of unaccounted-for conservation records.
True balsamic vinegar must be aged for a minimum of 12
years in a series of successively smaller barrels.
Bottles of balsamic aged for 25 years or more can go for
hundreds of euros.
There has been no on word selling the 18th-century ampule.

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