Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

Protesters light candles for victims of Nazi Priebke


Rome, July 29 - Protesters opposed to possible
birthday celebrations for a convicted Nazi war criminal rallied
outside his home Monday with candles lit for hundreds of Eric
Priebke's victims.
Anger was also expressed over the house arrest of Priebke,
who turned 100 on Monday, after his conviction for the 1944
reprisal massacre of 335 men and boys at Rome's Fosse Ardeatine.
"He is 100 years old, my grandfather was killed at 28,"
said one protester.
Others called for more Italians to rally against Priebke
and what they see as a light sentence for the former German
officer sentenced to life imprisonment for his involvement in
the Second World War massacre.
Some protesters wore the kippah, the headdress of observant
religious Jews, while others waved flags bearing the Star of
David representing Rome's Jewish community, which suffered
heavily during the Second World War.
There had been concerns that friends and followers of
Priebke, who was extradited from Argentina in 1995, would be
allowed to throw a sizable birthday party.
However, last week Rome's mayor Ignazio Marino said that he
would "personally make sure" that there would be no public
"No one should celebrate someone responsible for
massacres," said Marino.
The massacre at the Fosse Ardeatine on Rome's outskirts in
March 1944 was carried out in reprisal for a partisan attack
that killed 33 German soldiers.
In retaliation, for every one German killed, the army
seized 10 Italians including civilians as well as numerous
political prisoners and Jews who were in custody, with five more
also executed.
All were shot in a network of caves on the outskirts of
Rome, under Priebke's supervision.

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