Lunedì, 24 Settembre 2018

Man harpoons fiancée's father in head


Cagliari, July 30 - A man in Sardinia was in
serious condition Tuesday after his daughter's fiancé shot him
in the head with a harpoon.
The 51-year-old was recovering after surgeons removed the
jagged blade lodged 10 centimeters deep in his head.
Police identified the attacker as Pierluigi Loddo, engaged
to the victim's daughter.
The suspect is also accused of threatening his fiancée's
brother shortly after the attack.
"Soon you're going to get it too," the suspect said while
wielding a harpoon gun, according to witnesses at a bar in the
port town of Portoscuso.
Police said the suspect fled the area, then sent a text
message to his fiancée's family saying he wanted to kill them.
Police were able to track him down by his cell phone signal
along the side of the road and took him to jail.
He was reportedly suicidal.

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