Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

SEL walks out over Northern League 'sodomite' jibe in House


Rome, July 30 - Elected members from the Left
Ecology Freedom (SEL) party walked out of the Lower House in
protest Tuesday after a Northern League member claimed they
represented a ''sodomite lobby''.
Gianluca Buonanno of the Northern League, a group in
continual hot water over some members' racist political
statements, accused the SEL of representing ''the sodomite
Elected members of SEL, whose leader Nichi Vendola is gay,
said that Buonanno's comment insulted parliament as well as
party members.
''We will leave this House whenever Buonanno uses insulting
remarks that offend not only homosexuals, but Parliament and its
institutions'', said the SEL.
Erasmo Palazzolo of the SEL said his colleagues would not
return until the House officials censure Buonanno.
Ettore Rosato of the Democratic Party denounced what he
called the ''indecent'' attitude of the Northern League which
has been associated with several racist comments against Italy's
first black cabinet minister.
Northern League Deputy Senate Speaker Roberto Calderoli is
being investigated for aggravated defamation and incitement of
racial hatred for comparing Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge
to an orangutan.
Calderoli made the comparison, which he called ''a joke'',
during a rally for the anti-immigrant Northern League at a
festival near his home city of Bergamo.
And earlier this spring Mario Borghezio, who was an Italian
member of the European Parliament where he represented the
League, apologized for racist comments he made about Kyenge.
''I feel I must express my apologies to the minister,'' he

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