Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

413 migrants rescued or redirected in the Channel of Sicily


Rome, August 5 - Three troubled boats packed with
413 migrants called harbor authorities for rescue in the Channel
of Sicily between Sunday night and Monday morning.
The Italian coast guard evacuated one boat - which was
taking on water - with 215 immigrants and accompanied the
passengers to an overcrowded migrant holding centre the Italian
island of Lampedusa following a wave of embarcations this
A Liberian merchant vessel saved 102 migrants on another
vessel and took them to Malta.
Another 96 people, aboard a third distressed boat, were
directed back to the Libyan coast where they had embarked.
The rescues followed others on Saturday night, in which
three distressed boats holding 250 migrants were taken to
Lampedusa, one of which saw a tragic end for three women, who
died of thirst and their bodies thrown overboard to sea.
A female Somali survivor told Italian authorities that the
boat she was on had left the Libyan coast four days prior, but
stalled after a few hours of motoring out to sea.
She said the fuel tank spilled inside the boat, burning
some of her fellow passengers splashed by a mix of salt water
and diesel.
The boat, then adrift, was not stocked with emergency water
On Monday the number of migrants held in the Lampedusa
processing centre amounted to 840, while the facility has a
300-person capacity.
Two airlifts are planned for Monday to transfer migrants to
other Italian facilities.

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