Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

'Unfair' to roll back IMU property tax says economy min


Rome, August 8 - Italy's economy minister said
Thursday that abolishing the widely loathed IMU property tax
would cost the government 2.426 billion euros in revenue in
2013, showing opposition once again to the center-left People of
Freedom (PdL) party of Silvio Berlusconi who has vowed to roll
the tax back or tank the volatile coalition executive.
In a list of nine hypothetical reforms to the tax, economy
minister Fabrizio Saccomanni laid out the impact on revenue and
the effects on taxpayers.
"The proposed exemption of IMU for primary residences does
not seem fully justified in terms of fairness and efficiency, as
indeed is also apparent from the hearings of experts (such as
the Bank of Italy) and the recommendations of the International
Monetary Fund," said Saccomanni.
The tax, which Berlusconi campaigned against in his rise to
second at the polls in elections in February, has been suspended
through September in a deal reached between cabinet members of
the unprecedented left-right coalition.
That coalition has been at risk since its inception thanks
in large part to threats by Berlusconi and his loyalists to pull
their support if their position to abolish IMU is not upheld.
Saccomanni, a non-political former deputy governor of the
Bank of Italy, made clear that his assessment on the matter was
not definitive, and that further "clarification" was needed.
"I express the hope that this work can meet the need that I
set myself when I started: to make a contribution to the ongoing
debate, clarification of the practical implications of the
various proposals, in the knowledge that political choices must
be based on adequate technical insights," said Saccomanni.
In response, PdL Senate whip Renato Schifani said that his
party's position "hadn't shifted by a decimal point".

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