Giovedì, 20 Settembre 2018

Pope issues decree against money laundering


Vatican City, August 8 - The Vatican said Thursday
that Pope Francis has issued new regulations at the Holy See to
combat money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the
proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
The regulations, announced in a papal decree known as a
Motu Proprio, are part of the pope's drive to clean up the Holy
See's reputation on financial transparency. This has been hit by
a number of scandals, including several at the Vatican Bank.
Francis is keen to remove stains from bank's reputation and
get the Vatican onto the 'white list' of countries with
unimpeachable credentials by working with the Council of
Europe's Moneyval anti-money-laundering agency.
Last year Moneyval said in a report the Vatican had made
progress on financial transparency but still needed to improve
in many areas.
The Vatican said the decree strengthens the supervisory and
regulatory function of the Vatican's Financial Information
It also gives the Financial Information Authority "the
function of prudential supervision over entities habitually
engaged in financial activities", in response to a
recommendation from Moneyval.
The decree also establishes a new body, the Financial
Security Committee, for the purpose of "coordinating the
competent authorities of the Holy See and the Vatican City State
in the area of prevention and countering of money laundering,
the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of
mass destruction".

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