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Chile, Slovakia to show culture via food at Milan Expo


(By Sandra Cordon)
Milan, August 9 - Visitors aiming to better
understand two very different cultures from unique regions of
the world will have the chance at Milan Expo 2015 to learn from
both Chile and the Slovak Republic.
Both countries say they will use Expo as an opportunity to
explain to the world more about their special foods, culture,
and lifestyle.
"We will offer different perspectives on our country,"
Lorenzo Constans, commissioner-general of the Chile pavilion,
said recently.
"In our pavilion, we will explain the diversity and
richness of Chile through political, geographic and food
(exhibitions)," added Constans, whose country is the first in
Latin America to sign a participation agreement for Expo Milan
"We want all those who visit the Chilean exhibition space
to get excited, get to know our country - and have fun".
Chile's 1,910-square-meter pavilion will also explore the
rich diversity of its geographical, climatic and agricultural
production with food production at its core.
Visitors can expect to taste typical Chilean dishes,
participate in cooking classes and related events.
Both Chile and the Slovak Republic will build on the theme
of Expo Milan 2015: "Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life" which
will focus on fighting famine and malnutrition worldwide through
sustainable and healthy development, global cooperation and new
The Slovak Republic will centre its pavilion in an area
stretching 1,010 square meters with the theme: "Slovakia: The
World in Your Pocket".
Under this theme, Slovakia will explore the richness,
variety and diversity of the nation's ecosystem, agricultural
production, and food, said Commissioner General Martin Polak.
The pavilion will explain how, in Slovakia, local customs
and tradition live together with innovation and globalization,
said Polak.
"We are very proud to participate in Expo Milano 2015,"
said Polak.
"Italy is a country very close to our culture and
mentality, as well as in geographic location," he added.
"In our pavilion, the (Expo) theme will take on the
character of 'ecosystem diversity,' a diversity of cultures and
food, because Slovakia is a place where local and global
influences and trends traditional and modern meet," said Polak.
"We will show how the rich culture and tradition of
Slovakia may help provide energy and food for the planet".
To date, fully 131 countries have signed on to participate
in Milan's World Fair, which is to begin May 1, 2015 and
continue until October 31 of that year.
And with the latest announcements by Chile and Slovakia, 64
of those countries have taken the more advanced step of signing
formal participation agreements.
Expo 2015 is expected to attract over 20 million visitors
and to be a massive money spinner for Italy's business capital
of Milan.
Preparations on a 1.1-million-square-meter site have been
underway for years.
Former American vice-president and Nobel Peace Laureate Al
Gore has endorsed the event, calling the theme "very solid" and
designed to have "zero (negative) environmental impact".
Italy last hosted a World's Fair in 1992 with a Christopher
Columbus-themed Expo in Genoa.

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