Giovedì, 18 Ottobre 2018

Health minister calls for broader smoking ban


Rome, August 14 - Smoking is a killer that should
set off alarm bells in society, especially where children and
youngsters are concerned, Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin said
In an open letter addressed to all Italian
parliamentarians, Lorenzin said there must be greater efforts to
fight smoking and to prevent young people from taking up the
habit in the first place.
"I ask you to support, inside and out of Parliament", the
anti-smoking cause, she said.
Smoking in public and work places that are indoors is
against the law in Italy.
But a proposed new bill would ban smoking, both of
traditional and electronic cigarettes, in outdoor areas at
schools, such as their gardens, car parks, court yards and
It would also ban smoking in cars in which pregnant women
and children are travelling.
Statistics are making it brutally clear that young people
are becoming addicted at early ages, suggesting they are not
dissuaded by the current anti-smoking campaigns, said Lorenzin
in her letter.
Instead, families need to train children to turn from
smoking in the same way the learn that the rules of the road –
such as red stop lights – must be obeyed, said the minister.
With smoking killing 750,000 Europeans each year, the
leading cause of death in Europe, faster and broader action is
essential, said Lorenzin.
Still, some have fought against her proposed ban on smoking
in cars with children and pregnant women because it is allegedly
an attack on personal freedom, she noted.
Instead, her initiative should be viewed as providing
children freedom from poison, said Lorenzin.

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