Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

Berlusconi's party scoffs at possible ban from office


Rome, August 16 - A senior official in Silvio
Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party says the three-time
premier will remain a force for the center right whether he's
banned from office or not.
"I don't believe being in or out of parliament can keep
Berlusconi from exercising leadership," said Francesco Nitto
Palma, the president of the Senate justice commission, in an
interview Thursday on the KlausCondicio YouTube channel.
"Whoever thinks that Berlusconi's role could diminish to
that of some sort of spiritual guide has another thing coming.
"He will remain a political leader in every sense of the
The Senate is scheduled to vote in September on whether to
uphold a six-year ban from office for the 76-year-old tycoon,
who received his first definitive criminal conviction from the
supreme Cassation Court earlier this month for fraud at his
Mediaset media empire.
The ruling came with a four-year jail term, commuted to one
year of community service or house arrest due to an amnesty.
Berlusconi has until October to decide how to spend the
The ex-premier's lawyers have said he may ask President
Giorgio Napolitano for a pardon.
But even if a pardon is granted, Berlusconi could still
lose his seat in the Senate.
Nitto Palma said that would not faze Berlusconi or his
"Think of the last elections: Berlusconi didn't even run
for premier and that didn't have the slightest effect on his
leadership," he said, referring to the February national vote in
which the PdL roared to second, ultimately winning a junior role
in the current left-right government.
"There are neither sentences nor anything else that could
keep Berlusconi from being the prestigious leader of the center

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