Lunedì, 22 Ottobre 2018

Austrian chancellor calls Berlusconi destabilizing


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Rome, August 21 - Austria's chancellor
characterized ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi as destabilizing on
Wednesday in a press conference with Premier Enrico Letta.
"I've known Silvio Berlusconi and I never thought him to be
someone to instill stability, which is why I'm happy to have met
Premier Letta, who is going in the right direction," said
Werner Faymann in Vienna.
Letta currently oversees what is largely considered a
volatile cabinet, predominately made up of members from his own
center-left party and members of Berlusconi's center-right
The ex-premier's supporters have suggested toppling the
government over his first-ever definitive criminal conviction
earlier this month, this time for tax fraud, following years of
legal entanglements at the hands of judges they see as
politically biased.
The Senate, where the center left has a majority, is set to
vote next month on ratifying a six-year ban from office for the
media magnate and Senator.
In addition, the sentence came with a four-year prison
sentence, commuted to one year of community service or house
arrest due to an amnesty.

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