Domenica, 19 Maggio 2019
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Hypnosis used instead of anesthesia in operation on woman


Padua, August 21 - A woman in Padua had surgery to
remove a skin tumor by hypnosis instead of anesthesia, a medical
journal said Wednesday.
The woman is reportedly allergic to a number of chemicals
and had a previous anaphylactic shock under local anesthesia.
Her case is described by Enrico Facco, an anesthesiologist
and professor at the neuroscience department of the University
of Padua, in the September issue of medical journal Anaesthesia.
"The patient, a 42-year-old woman, had several allergies to
chemical substances and previous anaphylactic reactions to local
anesthesia," Facco said.
"She had a skin tumor removed from her right thigh with
hypnosis alone as a form of anesthesia.
"The hypnosis was induced by making her close her eyes
while at the same time giving verbal suggestions to achieve a
relaxed state and sense of well being".
The operation reportedly lasted 20 minutes during which the
patient's blood pressure and heart rate remained stable.

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