Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Pope personally calls Padua student after he sent letter


Venice, August 22 - Nineteen-year-old engineering
student Stefano Cabizza received the surprise of his life when
he received a call from Pope Francis the day after he had
delivered a letter to the pontiff, according to reports
Padua University student Cabizza said he remained
speechless for several seconds after the pope introduced himself
on the phone.
The day before the call he had sent a letter to the pontiff
at Castel Gandolfo, the traditional papal summer residence.
The young man said he couldn't believe his luck, adding
that the two of them laughed and joked for some eight minutes
during the telephone conversation.
He said the pontiff called him at 17:00 local time after a
previous attempt to contact him earlier in the day was
Cabizza said the pontiff blessed him, and that he felt an
immediate sense of strength afterwards.
He added that he considered it to be the best day of his
The pontiff has been known for similar initiatives, since
he takes it upon himself to make unexpected calls as well as
contact switchboards directly when trying to contact someone he
has no direct number for.

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