Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

Ex-mafia informant regrets working with the law


Naples, August 23 - A key ex-mafia witness of the
Naples-based Camorra gave a television interview broadcast
Thursday in which he said he regretted ever helping law
"If I could turn back, I wouldn't become an informant. The
institutions have abandoned us. When they failed to slaughter me
physically, they sought to destroy me economically and morally,"
Carmine Schiavone told Sky Tg 24.
The former boss of the Casalesi clan began collaborating
with the justice system in 1993, and served as the prosecution's
chief witness in a major trial in which 16 senior Casalesi gang
members were given life sentences.
"I was one of the leaders. I really was sorry. My problem
was precisely that I was truly remorseful, because in Italy
there was no justice, law or politician who knows how to
understand this," Schiavone added.
"Who made me live in this world of mangy dogs? It is true
that we fired shots, but the ministers, the paramilitary
Carabinieri police, the magistrates, the regular police are more
responsible than me because they permitted this".
Speaking of toxic refuse buried in the coastline of the
Domizia Bay north of Naples, the ex-informant said fighting the
mafia was a losing battle.
"The mafia will never be destroyed because there are too
many economic and electoral interests", he said.
"The mafia will never die".

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