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Water, technology popular themes for Expo pavilions


(By Sandra Cordon).
Milan, August 30 - Countries taking part in Milan's
Expo are finding unique approaches to the broader 2015 theme of
sustainable food production to fight hunger and malnutrition
around the globe now, and in the future.
For the Czech Republic, the vital importance of clean water
for sustaining life will be highlighted in the country's
pavilion under the banner 'Laboratory of Life.'
It will help to explain the role of water as an essential
element in agriculture, how best to protect and utilize water
resources, and what sort of government policies are necessary to
further the goal.
Drawing from its own experience in developing
forward-looking water purification and management practises,
while collaborating with technical experts, organic chemists and
other specialists, presentations in the Czech pavilion are
designed to showcase the country's expertise.
And in a unique twist, the pavilion will also illustrate
the role of water in Czechoslovakia’s world-famous glass
production, now drawing on eco-friendly materials and
energy-efficient technologies.
Water is also of vital significance to the arid environment
of Oman, whose theme at Expo 2105 will be 'The Sultanate of
Oman: Heritage in Harvest. Harnessing the Sun, Sand & Sea'.
Managing its hydrological resources is a top priority for
nation located on the Arabian Peninsula, a region where water
can be scarce.
Through its 2,790-square-meter pavilion, Oman will
demonstrate how, over many centuries, it has developed a complex
system of irrigation - a network of canals called falaj - which
has ensures the country a constant water supply.
It also has a long history in the development of artificial
coral reefs, and underwater gardens that are a source of
biodiversity that encourages fishing and aquaculture.
"Expo Milano 2015 is a global event which is eagerly
awaited by the entire world," Mohsin Al Balushi, commissioner
general of Oman’s Pavilion, said as officially signing on to the
world's fair.
Food and agricultural business ventures dovetail
particularly well with the Milan Expo's theme: 'Feeding the
Planet – Energy for Life', which centres on fighting famine and
malnutrition worldwide through sustainable and healthy
development, global cooperation and new technology.
The Milan Expo, which runs from May 1 until October 31
2015, is expected to attract more than 20 million visitors and
to be a massive money spinner for the city known as Italy's
business capital.
Preparations on a 1.1-million-square-meter site have been
underway for years.
Expo 2015 has already exceeded its participation goal by
signing up 131 countries from around the globe to join in a
world's fair dedicated to sustainable nutrition around the
Organizers were aiming to reach at least 130 members
countries and are now on pace to sign up many more than that.
Meanwhile, the Japanese pavilion will also demonstrate ways
to weld tradition with innovation, drawing on the nation's
ancient culture as well its newest technologies.
One of the largest pavilions at the Milan Expo 2015, the
Japanese base will use a variety of technologies to demonstrate
ways of making the most of scarce nutritional resources.
Food production will be highlighted, including new
techniques and innovations developed in raising fish and
cultivating rice - two staples in the diet of the Asian giant.
Similarly, South Korea will use its pavilion to raise
issues of how to make the most effective use of technology to
produce more and better food while Thailand - one of the world's
largest producers of the grain - will also focus attention on
rice production.
Thailand, through its 2,000-square-metre pavilion, also
intends to raise interest in its traditional architecture and
spirituality while at the same time, making use of local and
environmentally friendly materials.

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