Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Pope compares gossip to killing


Rome, September 2 - At a mass held Monday in
Rome's Santa Marta (Saint Martha) church, Pope Francis compared
talking bad about others to killing.
"Those in a community who talk about brothers, members of
the community, they want to kill", he said.
The pontiff said that as with Jesus when he arrived in
Nazareth, relationships that begin with "admiration" can finish
with a crime because of "jealousy and envy".
"This is not (only) something that happened 2,000 years
ago. It happens every day in our hearts...when it is said in a
community 'how great this person is who has come to us'...but
then gossip starts and it ends in skinning the person," Francis
"Where there is God, there is no hate, envy or jealousy.
Nor are there those who want to kill with gossip," the pope

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