Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

100-year-old and 97-year-old celebrate 77th anniversary


Vado Ligure (Savona), September 5 - An Italian
centenarian in the northern Italian coastal region of Liguria is
celebrating his 77th wedding anniversary with his 97-year old
wife, their daughter Lidia Gravano recounted on Thursday.
''A simple cake and a small family party'' is how Gravano
said the couple chose to celebrate.
Cesarino Gravano, who turned 100 this year, met his bride
Anna Maiotto in elementary school in Vado Ligure - where they
still live - and fell in love some years later.
Gravano became a blue-collar worker, while Maiotto tended
to their four children, home and beloved vegetable garden.
''My love for Cesarino has always been constant and true.
If someone asks us the meaning of St. Valentine's, I always
reply in the same way: for us Valentine's Day has lasted 77
years,'' said Maiotto.

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