Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

Brit-style rules in back-to-school trends


(By Sandra Cordon)

Florence, September 12 - This fall, Italian kids
are heading back to school with styles influenced by British
prep schools, along with some retro American television thrown
into the mix.
Students are sporting colourful tartan for fun during
recess, reminiscent of school uniforms in Britain with a bit of
country-chic favoured by mothers everywhere.
Harry Potter and his mates might enjoy some of the classic
uniforms presented with a modern twist by fashion outlets such
as Bon Chic, Fun & Fun, Il Gufo, and H & M, produced in a range
of fall colours including the classic red, green and navy blue.
But these are given a fresh appeal through the addition of
such colour zingers as orange, lime green and cream, in tartans
that are showing up on jackets and coats in insets into the
garment providing flashes of colour and design.
Traditional fall fabrics including cotton fleece, shaved
wool, and stretch jersey are being fattened up with alpaca and
other kinds of soft wool aimed at providing comfort and warmth
against children's skin.
Parents are searching out "green" products that won't
irritate or harm their kids, even splashing out on 100% pure
merino wool, baby alpaca wools, silk, cashmere, and ultra-soft
organic cottons.
The British influence continues in the fine details on
jackets, shirts and T-shirts with such traditional references as
the Union Jack appearing alongside diamond-patterned cardigans
and slacks, corduroy suits and blazers, and even coats of arms
from historic families in Scotland.
In short, the preppy style – so named for high-end and
often expensive prep schools – is back.
But at the same time, hip students are turning to popular
American television programs for some fashion inspiration.
For these fashion-conscious kids, Happy Days has never gone
out of style; nor has Dawson's Creek, while the more
contemporary TV hit Gossip Girl remains a source of fashion
Blended with this is a bit of London punk-style through
T-shirts that are coupled with a serious motorcycle theme, with
biker-style denim as well as the classic jean jacket adding some
punch to wardrobes.
When the school bell rings, watch out for a few rebellious
kids imitating Fonzie (aka television creation Arthur Fonzarelli
from Happy Days) lounging by his motorcycle in a leather bomber
jacket and suitably worn and distressed jeans.

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