Domenica, 23 Settembre 2018

Concordia righting positive despite delays, says salvager


Giglio Island, September 17 - Senior salvage
master Nick Sloane, in charge of the successful righting of the
Costa Concordia cruise ship, said on Tuesday that while the
operation took longer than expected, the results were better
than expected.
Sloane works for the Italian-US consortium Micoperi-Titan,
which is in charge of the unprecedented salvage operation.
Tuesday finally saw the righting of the ship completed
after an initial 12-hour estimate of the process exceeded the
The ship had flipped over sideways in January 2012 in the
worst postwar maritime disaster in Italy, killing 32 people.
Since then it has been lurching semi-submerged on its side
off the Tuscan island of Giglio.
"We took a bit longer, but the results were much better,"
Sloane said at a press conference.
"It's wonderful to be able to tell you that the Concordia
is in an upright position".
"I didn't cry, but it was all very beautiful," Sloane said,
adding that it was an experience comparable to "going on a
roller coaster".
He told journalists present that his wife Sandra would text
him during the night asking him why the process was taking so
long, to which he answered "we need to be patient".
Sloane, a South African, said he didn't expect the ship to
be removed from the island and taken to its final destination at
an Italian scrapyard before the Spring.

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