Venerdì, 19 Ottobre 2018

Costa Concordia damage bad but not insurmountable


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Rome, September 17 - Damage to the previously
submerged side of the Costa Concordia cruise liner was bad but
"not insurmountable", Costa Cruises Project Manager Franco
Porcellacchia on Tuesday said of the massive shipwreck that was
righted after sitting partially underwater on its side for 20
"The emerged side of the Concordia has a lot of damage, but
it is not an insurmountable situation," said Porchellacchia
before joining a celebration of the successful parbuckling
operation at a bar in the Giglio Island port with salvage master
Nick Sloane and technicians from the US-Italian consortium
Titan-Micoperi, which righted the wreck.
"I went to look at it with a boat, but it did not seem to
me to be in critical condition," Porcellacchia said.
"The straight side is very damaged, but there are two zones
where the damage is very well established and there aren't any
enormous holes, there isn't the rock penetration we feared. In
the next few days we will look at it carefully. But it doesn't
seem like anything insurmountable".

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