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Lombardy round-up reveals 'entrepreneurial Mafia'


Milan, September 24 - Italian police arrested eight
suspects and seized dozens of assets on Tuesday in a Mafia probe
into money laundering and business interests of Sicily's Cosa
Nostra in the industrial northern Italian region of Lombardy.
The probe revealed an "entrepreneurial mafia" building
commercial profits as well as illegal gains for "an association
that utilizes the strength of its criminal history and
reputation...not to carry out exclusively and obviously illegal
actions but to enter into the economic fabric of the assigned
zone and gain economic benefit from it," Milan anti-mafia
magistrate Stefania Donadeo wrote in the arrest order.
Milan police arrested, among others, the daughter and
son-in-law of Silvio Berlusconi's ex-stable keeper from the
early 1970's, Vittorio Mangano, who was believed by
investigators to be a prominent member of Sicily's Cosa Nostra
Mangano died of cancer in prison in 2000. He was serving
time for drug-trade and extortion charges, and also faced a life
sentence for two murders in 1995.
Giuseppe Porto, believed to have been a right-hand man of
Mangano's, was also arrested on Tuesday.
Investigators believe Mangano's daughter and son-in-law,
Cinzia Mangano and Enrico Di Grusa, respectively, handled huge
sums of money to support criminal fugitives and invest in new
businesses, thus infiltrating the Lombard economy.
State police investigators believe they revealed a complex
network of cooperatives working in logistics and service sectors
that turned under-the-table profits in 2007 through false
invoicing and labour exploitation.
Investigators say the profits were then ploughed into
maintaining Cosa Nostra fugitives and to make new business
investments in Lombardy.
Charges against those arrested include conspiracy to commit
mafia crimes, extortion, fake invoicing, facilitation and
employment of illegal workers.
Berlusconi, a real-estate developer who founded a media
empire and became Italian premier three times, employed Vittorio
Mangano as his stable keeper from 1973-1975 at his villa in the
town of Arcore, near Milan.
Mangano already had a long criminal record dating back to
the 1960s, and is suspected having a role in the kidnapping of a
dinner guest of Berlusconi's in December 1974.
Anti-mafia magistrate Paolo Borsellino, who was murdered in
1992 in Palermo in a notorious Cosa Nostra car-bombing, believed
Mangano was a key conduit for laundering illicit funds in

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