Domenica, 23 Settembre 2018

Italy to legalize electronic cigarette use in public places


(ANSA) Roma, November 11 - Italian Health Minister Beatrice
Lorenzin on Monday was sanguine over impending legalization of
electronic cigarettes in public areas, like restaurants and
cinemas, where traditional cigarettes will continue to be
''Parliament is sovereign,'' said Lorenzin regarding the
Italian parliament's approval of an education decree that
contained a passage updating regulations for e-cigarettes.
An amendment introduced by Culture Minister Giancarlo Galan
of Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PdL) party struck a
clause that would have banished e-cigarettes along with
traditional cigarettes from places like cafes, bars and train
The decree was passed into law on October 23, and will come
into force when it is published in Italy's Official Gazette.
''The legal aspects affecting public health that we placed
in (the measure) were not affected,'' said Lorenzin at the
margins of a cancer-research awareness event in Rome.
Lorenzin said smoking e-cigarettes remains banned in
schools. Moreover, consumers will need to be informed of the
proper use of the device and the risk of dependency, as well as
the nature of the substances contained in the liquid e-cigarette
''Now we also have to see what will happen in Europe, but
we have conducted a big battle to prevent e-cigarettes from
being equated with medicine,'' said Lorenzin.
The mayor of Rome - a transplant surgeon - said
e-cigarettes did not produce second-hand smoke or other
dangerous emissions for others.
Using e-cigarettes is ''not smoking but vaporising. In
other words, it is like using an aerosol inside a cinema,''
Ignazio Marino told Radio 24 Ore on Monday.
Marino said he did not favor e-cigarettes in public, but
its system of nicotine delivery is ''without combustion, thus
there is a reduction in the risk of cancer...but not of
cardiovascular disease''.

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