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Pedophile priest handed two-and-a-half year prison sentence


Pesaro, December 3 - A judge on Tuesday handed a
43-year-old priest in the north-eastern city of Pesaro a
two-and-a-half year sentence for having sex with a 13-year-old
The case of Father Giangiacomo Ruggeri, a former spokesman
for the bishop of Fano, began when a lifeguard saw the priest
and the child passionately embracing on a beach last year.
"She could have been my daughter", said Marco Mandolini,
who promptly called the cops.
Police later entered into evidence a covert videotape of
Ruggeri, an ex girl-scout leader and diocese communications
director, with his underage protegee on the beach on July 10 and
12, 2012.
"I don't know what came over me", Ruggeri, who was the
child's spiritual adviser, told police when he was arrested.
"We all, beginning with the church, are and live with
imperfect men", his employer, Bishop Armando Trasarti, said at
the time.
Immediately suspended by the church after his arrest, the
errant priest spent five months in jail, followed by a period of
reflection in a convent, a few months working in a church
library in the city of Perugia, and a move to Rome, where he now
works as a cook at a canteen for political refugees.
"I accept the court's decision", Ruggeri told defense
attorney Gianluca Sposito at today's sentencing.
The victim's family will sue for damages in civil court,
family attorney Omar Severi said.
"We knew we could trust the prosecution and the court",
Severi went on, adding that the family is bitter over the
church's silence.
"There has not been one letter of apology or phone call in
all these months, not one contact", he said.
Ruggeri was convicted in a fast-track trial, which in Italy
awards the defendant an automatic two-thirds sentencing
reduction if found guilty.
He is still at liberty to travel within Italy and abroad,
with two restrictions: he is not allowed to approach the town of
Orciano, where his victim lives with her parents and her older
sister, and he is not allowed to celebrate Mass in public.
The Vatican's measures against him are still unknown.

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