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Knox, Sollecito judge unlikely to be disciplined by CSM


Rome, March 11 - The Italian judiciary's
self-governing body, the CSM, is likely to drop an inquiry into
a Florence judge who broke Italian legal convention by giving
press interviews after convicting Amanda Knox and her
ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito for the 2007 murder of British
student Meredith Kercher in February, judicial sources said
In Italy, judges usually only talk about their verdicts via
written explanations published at least a month after they are
handed down.
But Alessandro Nencini, the head of the panel that
sentenced Sollecito to 25 years and American citizen Knox to 28
and a half years at the repeat of the appeals-level trial, gave
three interviews to different newspapers that were published
February 1.
As a result, Nencini was accused of being biased.
One of the most controversial aspects is that in one of the
interviews, Nencini seemed to suggest that the fact Sollecito
had not allowed himself to be cross-examined had damaged his
chances of getting off.
The judge told a CSM commission Wednesday that he did not
give interviews, but rather spoke in passing to reporters at the
He also denied saying the murder was the result of ''kid's
play'' gone wrong, or expressing an opinion on Sollecito's
defense strategy.
The hearing transcript will be available within a week,
when the CSM commission will make its opinion official.
The consensus seems to be that Nencini's statements to the
press may have been ill-timed, but not enough to justify a
transfer, judicial sources said.
Nencini is still not out of the woods, pending the result
of justice ministry and Cassation Court inquiries that could
lead to disciplinary action against him.

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