Giovedì, 17 Ottobre 2019
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Cardinal Bertone denies reports of 'opulent' 700 Sq m flat


Rome, April 28 - Former Vatican Secretary of State
Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone strongly denied Monday Italian media
reports claiming that the prelate will move into an "opulent"
flat measuring as much as 700 square meters in the Vatican while
Pope Francis makes do with humbler lodgings.
"In recent days some media outlets have spoken malevolently
about the apartment where I will live in the Vatican and, to
worsen the public humiliation, their 'informant' has doubled the
square meters," Bertone said in a letter to two diocesan
"It has been said, among other things, that the pope was
furious with me for so much opulence. The size of 'my' apartment
has even been compared to the presumed restricted nature of the
residence of the pope," he added in the letter to the diocesan
weeklies of Genoa and Vercelli.
Since his election last year, in a move criticised by some
conservative Catholics, Francis has decided not to move into the
vast papal apartments in the Apostolic Palace used by his
predecessors, choosing instead to remain in a suite in the Santa
Marta guesthouse used by cardinals during the papal Conclave.
"Above all let us thank God and the concern of many for the
fact that the pope is lodged and assisted in a dignified fashion
at Santa Marta where he can easily carry out his institutional
business," said the prelate.
"Personally I am grateful for the affectionate telephone
call I received from Pope Francis April 23 to express his
solidarity and disappointment over the attacks levelled at me
over the apartment, which he was informed about as soon as they
Many people had telephoned the prelate from his old
dioceses to express their solidarity over the affair, he added.
"The spacious apartment, as was normal in the residences of
the old Vatican palaces, restructured as necessary at my own
expense, has been made available for my use temporarily and
after me will be used by someone else," he added.
"As Saint Pope John XXIII used to say 'I will not stop to
pick up the stones that are thrown at me".

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