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Alleged Cosa Nostra hitman acquitted of doctor's 1981 murder


Palermo, June 30 - A Palermo appeals court
acquitted Cosa Nostra Mafia gangster Antonino Madonia of murder
charges in the 1981 death of a doctor.
Prosecutor Vittorio Teresi had requested a life sentence
for Madonia for the November 6, 1981 assassination of Sebastiano
Bosio, chief of vascular surgery at Palermo's Civic Hospital.
Antonino Madonia is the oldest son of convicted Cosa Nostra
crime boss Francesco Madonia, who investigators believe was a
major ally of the Corleonesi clan and once ruled over the
Resuttana neighborhood of Palermo. Investigators also believe
Antonino served on a team of hitmen assembled by the
Corleonesi's ruthless, powerful top boss in the 1980s, Toto'
Prosecutor Teresi in his indictment cited a long list of
"penitent" law informants who had fingered Madonia as Bosio's
One witness alleged Bosio was killed for opposing public
bid candidates supported by Salvatore Lima, a politician
assassinated in 1992 accused of mafia links.
"All mafia in the area was interested in bids both for
construction and the supply of medical machinery and tools,"
said businessman turned mafia informant Massimo Ciancimino, who
claimed to learn the motive for the crime from his father.
Other witnesses claimed Bosio was killed for poor medical
treatment to a mafia gangster who suffered a gunshot wound to
the foot.
"It was amputated. According to the mafiosi, there was no
need to amputate it," said law informer Francesco Di Carlo.
"The doctor did it because he was against Cosa Nostra," Di
Carlo added.
The trial against Madonia for Bosio's murder began in 2011
after investigators found through a forensic examination that
the bullets that killed Bosio were fired from a gun consistent
with the 38 caliber pistol used seven months later to kill two
mechanics - a double murder for which Madonia was convicted.

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