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Vatican: SNAP outraged at Pell 'trucking co' analogy


Vatican City, August 22 - Survivors of clerical
sex abuse are outraged by testimony from Cardinal George Pell
comparing the Vatican to a trucking company that could not be
blamed if a driver molested a hitchhiker.
Pell, now the Vatican's economic honcho, made the remark
while testifying via videolink from Rome to an Australian probe
into historic abuse and alleged cover-ups when he was Melbourne
archbishop in the 1990s.
Saying it would not be appropriate for legal culpability to
be "foisted" on church leaders, he drew an analogy between the
Catholic Church and a trucking company, citing a hypothetical
example of a case involving a woman who was molested by a truck
"It would not be appropriate, because it's contrary to the
policy, for the ownership, leadership of that company to be held
responsible," Cardinal Pell said.
"Similarly with the church and the head of any other
"If every precaution has been taken, no warning has been
given, it is, I think, not appropriate for legal culpability to
be foisted on the authority figure.
"If in fact the authority figure has been remiss through
bad preparation [or] bad procedures or been warned and done
nothing or [done something] insufficient, then certainly the
church official would be responsible."
Nicky Davis from the Survivors Network of Those Abused by
Priests (SNAP) was in the audience of the royal commission
during Cardinal Pell's comments.
She said the truck analogy left the audience "open mouthed
in shock".
"We were literally saying to each other, 'Did he really
just say that?'," she said.
"He shows that he really has absolutely no conception of
what is appropriate or inappropriate behaviour and what are
appropriate or inappropriate things to say to survivors.
Dr Cathy Kezelman from Adults Surviving Child Abuse said
the "outrageous" and "appalling" analogy could do a lot of
"The victims are already in this process of being
repeatedly traumatised. To have their experiences denied yet
again...drives a knife into the wound and twists it yet again,"
she said.

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