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Grillo says if M5S fails, 'the Nazis are coming'


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Brussels, November 10 - Beppe Grillo, leader of the
5-Star Movement (M5S) said his party has brought about a
"revolution" in Italy but if his party falls, "the Nazis are
The head of the anti-establishment M5S was in Brussels to
drum up support for a public referendum on the single currency
"If we fall, the Nazis are coming," said Grillo.
"Some say that we are the Nazis, but I say 'remember who
they were'?
"We have already made a revolution, the (political) parties
have disappeared thanks to us".
He also complained that the leadership of multinational
companies were no better than criminals, calling them the "sons
of mafiosi" in the way they control the world.
"Now we have the sons of mobsters, those with a master's
degree and the multinational companies, these hold the real
power in the world," said Grillo.
He also repeated his call for the impeachment of Italian
President Giorgio Napolitano, blaming the 89-year-old for
Italy's loss of "economic and social dignity".
During a news conference to discuss his Brussels trip,
Grillo - who has frequently criticized the media and prefers to
communicate through his blog - clashed with journalists after he
spoke for 30 minutes without taking questions.
Instead, Grillo called on a spokesperson for the
euroskeptic British UKIP party, which has forged an alliance in
the European Parliament with the M5S, and which has promised to
support the anti-euro campaign.
Britain has never signed on to the single currency.
An Italian journalist tried to interrupt, saying "there are
journalists here who want to ask a question," to applause from
other reporters at the news conference.
"You are like (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, who only
takes questions from friends," said the journalist.
Grillo shot back "I am free to answer whenever I want is you in the press who are responsible for the sense of
democracy in this country, more than politicians...Luckily, your
newspapers are closing".
When the same journalist tried again to ask a question,
Grillo cut him off.
"You need to find another job," said Grillo as he ended the
news conference.

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