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Turin won't transcribe birth certificate of two-mum baby


Turin, January 7 - City officials in the
Piedmontese capital have decline for the time being to
transcribe the birth certificate of a baby born to a lesbian
couple in Spain, official sources said Wednesday.
The couple made up of a Spanish and an Italian national are
both recognized as the child's mothers under Spanish law.
They achieved the pregnancy through via artificial
insemination with donor sperm.
A Turin court of appeals granted their petition to have
their child's birth certificate transcribed in Italy, a ruling
that was hailed by openly gay Democratic Party (PD) Senator
Sergio Lo Giudice.
"Turin is making history," said Lo Giudice, who has a child
with his husband, Michele Giarratano.
"It is a great step forward in breaking down the paradoxes
between different European countries and towards the recognition
of gay parenting in our country".
Turin city officials are awaiting further instructions
from the prefect and the interior ministry, sources said.
Interior Minister Angelino Alfano has said that local
councils cannot transcribe birth certificates of children born
to same sex couples.

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