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66% of Expo tourists visit for 'food, culture', says survey


Florence, April 27 - Two out of every three foreign
tourists to Italy consider food and culture their primary
reasons for visiting, planning to spend collectively 1 billion
euros on eating out and dedicating one-third of their entire
travel budget to food, according to a tourism study released
Monday by agricultural group Coldiretti for Expo 2015.
The survey, conducted by Italian tourism consulting group
JFC, revealed that 67% of Expo visitors plan to spend their time
doing other things in addition to Expo, and that 72.7% of the
estimated 8 million foreign visitors for Expo plan to stay in
the country between three and seven nights.
Tourists also largely plan to seek out non-traditional
lodging experiences, the survey revealed, with 61% opting out of
hotels in favor of farm stays (19%), friends or relatives (19%),
or holiday homes (23%).
The most sought-after products include those in Tuscany,
which boasts the largest number of traditional agricultural
products on offer, with wine, cheese, and olive oil making up
44.9% of products that tourists engaged in "culinary travel"
plan to purchase.
Coldiretti President Roberto Moncalvo highlighted Italy's
leadership in Europe for organic agricultural products, citing
that Italy's presence of chemical residue outside of
regulations, 0.6%, is lower than that of half the countries in
the European Union.
Moncalvo said Italy's agriculture makes up a part of the
national cultural heritage, and is something the country "can
offer with pride on the occasion of Expo".

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