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Concordia moved to 'Superbacino' for further dismantling


Genoa, May 12 - The wreck of the Concordia cruise
liner that partially sank after hitting rocks off the Tuscan
island of Giglio in January 2012, killing 32, was transferred
from the Seawall pier in Genoa's Port of Prà Voltri to the
nearby Molo Ex Superbacino dock on Tuesday in readiness for the
second phase of dismantling and recycling.
Navigation over the 10-mile course was "slow and calm"
according to the captain who oversaw the operation.
The Concordia was towed to Prà Voltri in July 2014
following a delicate operation to right and refloat the wreck.
There, the furnishings and fittings of the decks above
water were stripped to obtain a reduced draft, enabling the ship
to be moved to the Superbacino.
Now work will continue to remove the deck structures
pending transfer of the wreckage to a dry dock for final
dismantling operations to be carried out.
In total 55,000 tonnes of steel and 2,000 tonnes of copper
will be recovered from the wreck according to Ferdinando Garrè,
CEO of the Ship Recycling Consortium that is overseeing
Over 250 people will be involved in the second phase of
what Garrè described as a "complex" operation.
"In all we will be able to recover and recycle 100% of the
steel and metals and 80% of everything that made up the ship,"
he said.
In February a court in the Tuscan coastal town of Grosseto
found former Concordia skipper Francesco Schettino guilty of
various charges related to the January 2012 disaster and
sentenced him to 16 years and one month in prison.
The court also banned Schettino from commanding a ship for
five years and banned him from holding public office
Schettino and his former employers Costa Criuses were also
ordered to pay massive damages to a long list of civil
plaintiffs, including Concordia passengers, central government,
the civil protection department, the Tuscan regional government
and the municipality of the Giglio.
Schettino, who is not in jail, is appealing against the

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