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'Very likely' Mona Lisa remains found


Florence, September 24 - It is "very likely" that
bone fragments found in a Florence convent and carbon-dated to
the time of the death of the Mona Lisa are in fact those of the
woman whose real name was Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, lead
researcher Silvano Vinventi said Thursday.
"There are converging elements, above and beyond the
results of the carbon-14 tests, that say we may well have found
Lisa's grave," he said.
"I'm speaking of historical, anthropological and
archeological analyses that have been carried out very
rigorously," Vincenti said.
"We can't provide absolute certainty that some of the
remains examined are Lisa's but the likelihood is very high," he
"I have to say that many historians would have stated this
was Lisa on the basis of written records, with many fewer
elements and without scientific data," he went on.
But he said it might take "several years", and with
technology that "does not currently exist" to definitively
clinch the find as that of the Mona Lisa by using "new sources
of DNA we will have managed to scrape together".
"In particular, the remains of the children that were found
in the church of the Santissima Annunziata have been degraded
too much by the floodings of the Arno and are not able to
provide sufficient DNA for possible comparison tests" with the
bone fragments found in Sant'Orsola, Vinceti said.

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