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Referendum No would be worse than Brexit - Benigni (2)


Rome, October 5 - Oscar-winning Italian director
and actor Roberto Benigni has said the consequences would be
"worse than the Brexit" if the No vote wins in the December
referendum on the government's overhaul of Italy's political
"It's indispensable that the Yes vote wins," Benigni told
Mediaset's 'Le Iene' show when asked about the Constitutional
reform package.
Benigni's 1997 comedy-drama about the Holocaust, Life Is
Beautiful, won three Academy Awards, including best foreign
language film and best actor for him personally.
He also did a hit TV show about the Italian Constitution
in which he hailed it as the "most beautiful in the world".
But he said that this does not mean it is untouchable.
"The founding fathers hoped for the second part to be
reformed and there is a way to improve it," Benigni said.
"If it does not happen, it will not, as some say, be
reformed later. It will no longer happen".
The reform law, which has already been approved by
parliament, seeks to streamline Italy's notoriously unwieldy,
expensive and inefficient political machinery.
Among other measures, it would reduce the Senate from 300
to 100 members with limited lawmaking powers to save money and
make passing legislation easier.
Opposition critics say that the reform will lead to an
excessive concentration of power in the hands of a few.

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