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Don't split, Renzi urges PD minority


Rome, February 17 - Democratic Party (PD) leader and
ex-premier Matteo Renzi on Friday appealed to a dissenting
leftwing minority within the party not to split and instead
express its views at this weekend's assembly.
"Don't go, come, take part, the doors are open, no one is
ejecting anyone, let's start talking about Italy again," he said
in an interview with Corriere della Sera.
On Facebook, later, he said: "We must stop talking about
issues that only interest Roman palazzi. And start giving
solutions to Italian's problems again."
Culture Minister Dario Franceschini, head of a middle-ground
faction, tried a last-minute mediation, saying a split now would
be "incomprehensible" and urging Renzi to concede some ground on
the date of the party congress and a general election, as well
as his alleged bid to turn the PD into a personal party.
"Those who have most responsibility must also be the most
generous, and make the biggest effort," he said.
On the leftwing minority side, PD leadership candidate
Michele Emiliano, the governor of Puglia, said "Renzi is
Napoleonic, and so he's heading for some Waterloos.
"Let him avert the biggest disaster of the European left. The
solution is one step away, it would be enough to hold the
congress in May".
Renzi wants a congress in April and a general election in
The minority, which includes former leader Pier Luigi Bersani
and two other leadership candidates, Tuscany Governor Enrico
Rossi and former House whip Roberto Speranza, want a congress to
be put off and Premier Paolo Gentiloni to serve out the
government's term until February next year.

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