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Brexit not EU death knell but wake-up call-Gentiloni (2)


Rome, June 21 - Premier Paolo Gentiloni said
Wednesday that Brexit was not the beginning of the end for the
European Union and may end up making the bloc stronger as he
reported to the Senate before this week's EU summit.
"One could say that, more than a death knell for the EU
project, Brexit has been a very loud wake-up call," Gentiloni
"Maybe we'll remember the British vote as an alarm bell that
put the European project at the centre of our continent's public
debate, rather than the beginning of the end. That project has
confirmed its vitality and remains central to our future".
Gentiloni stressed that the European Union must change,
including by making sure its rules do not hamper growth.
"Growth cannot be suffocated by rules conceived for a
different time, when it was difficult to think of European
growth of 2%," he told the Senate ahead of this week's EU
"The numbers are not enough, the decimal points are not
enough. Jobs, inclusion, growth are needed.
"This is what determines the success of the European Union at
international level.
"We have been saying this for some time and we hope that it's
no longer just an Italian battle.
"Europe must change and we need to have the strength to make
it change".
Gentiloni also complained about the European Union's slow
response to Italy's calls for help in managing the Mediterranean
asylum-seeker crisis.
"We must honestly say that, despite some steps forward, the
speed at which the EU moves on common migration policies remains
dramatically below the government's demands and the requirements
to manage this phenomenon," he said.
"We will say so openly in Brussels too. Some symbolic results
have been achieved. The Commission has announced an infringement
procedure against three countries for not accepting their
"But this moral satisfaction does not console us".

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