Martedì, 23 Ottobre 2018

We want ius soli but without creating probs - Renzi (2)


Rome, November 13 - Democratic Party (PD) leader
Matteo Renzi said Monday that the centre-left group remained
committed to the ius soli bill to grant citizenship to the
children of migrants born in Italy.
But he added that it would only be passed if it did not
caused a crisis for the government and would not be the
bargaining chip for a deal for an alliance with the MDP.
"We are not doing the ius soli bill to reach an agreement
with the MDP. We are doing it because a right is a right,
without exchanging it for a coalition agreement," Renzi said,
according to sources.
"We'll try to pass it, without causing problems for the
ordered end of the parliamentary term, respecting what the
government and the coalition want to to.
"We don't think it's an issue to do a deal one".

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