Mercoledì, 17 Ottobre 2018

Homes searched after Como neo-Nazi skinhead raid


Rome, December 7 - The homes of 13 members of a
neo-Nazi skinhead group were searched on Thursday after they
raided a pro-migrant group meeting in Como last week.
The brazen interruption of the meeting was seen as an act of
intimidation and caused widespread shock.
Several members of the Veneto Fronte Skinheads group that
carried out the raid have been cited for private violence.
They were identified from video footage shot by
participants in the meeting.
Police said 10 of the 13 probed, who are not resident in Como
or its surrounding province, have been banned from returning to
the province of Como for three years.
The other three, from Como, have been given a verbal warning
to change their behaviour - a measure which, if flouted, may
lead to being placed under special surveillance or other more
stringent forms of prevention, judicial sources said.
Police said all 13 who took part in the November 28 raid had
criminal records.
One of those probed, from Piacenza, served six years for
attempted murder while eight of those probed have been served
with DASP soccer-match bans.
All 13 had records of crimes linked to public-order
violations such as insulting police, resisting arrest and
damaging property.

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