Sabato, 17 Novembre 2018

Camorra boss 'depressed' by tough jail regime (4)


Caserta, February 9 - Michele Zagaria, a top boss in
the Casalesi clan of the Naples Camorra mafia, has been
diagnosed with severe depression due to the tough '41-bis'
prison regime for Italian mafiosi, one of his lawyers said
"It's really too hard for him," said Angelo Raucci of
Zagaria's alleged mental problems brought on by the jail regime.
"As a protest Zagaria has revoked me and my colleague from
some trials, obviously for some proceedings in which he has
decided not to defend himself any more," said Raucci.
Another lawyer, Barbara Lettieri, said the boss had shown
suicidal tendencies and because of this his security had been
boosted and cameras fitted in his toilet.
"It is not intolerance of a system he can't control but a
protest against a restriction that vexes him preventing him from
exercising Constitutionally assured rights like study, health,
treatment, social relations and work," she said.
Zagaria, 59, is one of the main bosses of the Casalesi clan
from Casal di Principe in the province of Caserta northwest of
He is nicknamed Capastorta, which translates to wrong-head,
because of his violent reputation.
He was on the "most wanted list" of the Italian ministry of
the interior from 1995 until his arrest in 2011, for Camorra
association, murder, extortion, robbery and other crimes.
The Casalesi clan are the ones who have forced anti-mafia
writer Roberto Saviano into round-the-clock police protection.

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