Sabato, 22 Settembre 2018

Sorrentino suit free advertising - Berlusconi lawyer (4)


Milan, march 13 - There is the risk of giving free
advertising to Paolo Sorrentino's new film on Silvio Berlusconi
if a defamation suit is filed against it, one of the
ex-premier's lawyers, Federico Cecconi, told ANSA Tuesday.
A teaser trailer was released Monday of the film, 'Loro'
(Them), painting an unflattering picture involving bunga bunga
parties and other well-publicised troubles including a messy
"In some cases (law suits) give greater publicity than what
you should give," said Cecconi.
"It is premature to make assessments now, we'll see, we'll
speak about it again in the future".
Ceccone recalled that the three-time former premier and
media magnate did not take any legal action against Nanni
Moretti's 'Il Caimano' (The Cayman), another warts-and-all
portrait of Berlusconi.
The first scenes of 'Loro' to be released show wild poolside
parties, a crowd of girls wiggling their hips as Berlusconi
watches, a government meeting with President Giorgio Napolitano,
sports trophies on display in his living room, a very sad
Veronica Lario, his ex-wife (Elena Sofia Ricci) and even his
recently acquired poodle Dudù.
Berlusconi is played by Sorrentino stalwart Toni Servillo.

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