Lunedì, 24 Settembre 2018

3% ceiling is joint rule, makes sense says Moscovici


Strasbourg, March 14 - The 3% budget deficit to GDP
limit is a joint EU rule that "makes sense", European Economic
Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said in commenting League
leader Matteo Salvini's declared intention of ignoring it if he
gets into power.
"I'll let political leaders express their opinions but the 3%
rule is a joint rule, I think it is a commonsense rule that
enables the public debt to be reduced," Moscovici said.
Salvini said Tuesday the Euroskeptic League may flout the
rule in order to try to boost the Italian economy and pay for
its flat-tax pledge.
Financial markets are "serene" after two populist and
Euroskeptic parties won Italy's inconclusive general election
and "we're serene too", Moscovici said.
"I respect the rhythms of Italian democracy, the Italians
expressed their preferences with the vote and now it's up to
(President Sergio) Mattarella and the political formations to
define the new government," he said.
"I am confident that Italy will remain a solid and reliable
partner," Moscovici said.
He added: "I observe that the markets are serene and we are
serene too because we have confidence in Italian democracy and
Italy's commitment to the EU".
Both the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement and the rightwing
anti-migrant League have voiced Euroskeptic positions and have
suggested they will not be constrained by the 3% budget deficit
to GDP limit.

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