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M5S-League govt would breach pact - Tajani (3)


Strasbourg, March 14 - European Parliament President
Antonio Tajani said Wednesday that it would be a breach of the
pact that the League reached with its centre-right coalition
allies if it formed a government with the anti-establishment
5-Star Movement (M5S).
"The hypothesis of a League-M5S government does not exist,"
Tajani, a member of Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right Forza
Italia, told reporters in Strasbourg.
"Many League lawmakers, all those elected in the
first-past-the-post constituencies, were elected with the votes
of Forza Italia, Brothers of Italy (FdI) and We for Italy (NPI),
so they are bound to these voters too and I'm sure that a
League-M5S government will not happen.
"It would be a decision that would betray the commitments
made. It won't happen".
Berlusconi had said Tajani was FI's premier candidate if the
centre right won the March 4 election and the party won more
votes than its coalition partners.
But, while the centre right came first with around 37% of the
vote, it came up short of winning a majority in parliament and
the League overtook FI to take leadership of the alliance.
League leader Matteo Salvini this became the centre-right
premier candidate.
The biggest single party in the new parliament will be the
M5S, which won around 32% of the vote.

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