Lunedì, 24 Settembre 2018

Naples mayor complains about US submarine on city radar


Naples, April 16 - Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris
has complained about the fact that a United States nuclear
submarine, the USS John Warner, entered the city's radar on
March 20, saying this breaches a 2015 council order declaring it
a "denuclearised zone".
The Air Source Military YouTube channel published a video of
the launch of a Tomahawk missile reportedly from the John Warner
as part of the US attack on Syria.
De Magistris sent a letter last week to Rear Admiral Arturo
Faraone, noting that the latter had given clearance for the
submarine to travel in the area.
It called on him, in future, to bear in mind the order that
aims to prevent the presence of "any nuclear-propelled vessel or
one that contains nuclear weapons".
"Our administration is not against anyone but it is in favour
of policies of peace, disarmament and international
cooperation," de Magistris told ANSA.
"It is in favour of diplomacy so that international
institutions like the US are the lead players in moments of
"The fact that it is the same submarine (involved in the
Syria attack) further reinforces the rightness of the order with
which we said ships of nuclear propulsion or carrying nuclear
weapons are not welcome in the port of Naples and, therefore,
they are not allowed to transit or stay.

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