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Italian celebrities laud Ammaniti series 'The Miracle'


Rome, May 16 - Italian celebrities from singer
Jovanotti to writer Giancarlo De Cataldo and actor Marco D'Amore
have come out in praise of the new TV series by Italian author
Niccolò Ammaniti, titled "The Miracle."
The series premiered on May 8 and airs every Tuesday evening
on Sky Atlantic HD.
Jovanotti expressed his enthusiasm in a tweet calling the
show "addictive" and said it is "Ammaniti in full effect".
De Cataldo said he's an "unconditional fan" and said the show
is "a miracle of writing, directing, acting and producing".
D'Amore, who stars in (and next season will direct) the
popular TV series Gomorra, tweeted that the "cast and troupe are
exceptional" and called the show "intense and surprising".
His co-star and friend Salvatore Esposito said he was "very
curious for the upcoming episodes".
Other tweets came from actor Luca Argentero, who called the
show "a miracle", and actor Francesco Montanari, who said he had
seen the first two episodes and called it a "great work".
His former colleague on the series Romanzo Criminale,
Alessandro Roja, said the show's actors and actresses are "very
good" and said the story is "fascinating and deep".
More praise came from television presenter Diletta Leotta and
radio DJ Andrea Delogu, who said the series makes Italian
television "competitive at the highest levels".
Actor Frank Matano, currently starring in the film "Tonno
Spiaggiato", also said the series makes Italian television take
its place in the world.
Viewers are using social media to praise and comment on the
series, especially around a mystery in the story concerning the
facial composite generated from a DNA analysis from the statue
of the Virgin Mary that cries tears of blood.
The face apparently seems to resemble that of tennis star
Roger Federer, which has prompted a social media slogan
proclaiming "God is Federer".
Viewership of the series is growing, with an average of
364,000 viewers tuning in on Sky for episodes three and four on
Tuesday, May 14, up 7% from the previous week's premiere.
The next episodes will be aired on Tuesday, May 22 at 21:15
on Sky Atlantic HD.

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