Sabato, 20 Ottobre 2018

ANSA brand top for reliability - Reuters (3)


Rome, June 14 - The ANSA brand is top in Italy for
reliability, according to the annual Digital News Report by the
Reuters Institute.
ANSA scores 7.36 out of 10 for reliability among those who
have heard of the brand, rising to 8.06 among those who actually
use it.
ANSA comes ahead of Il Sole 24 Ore (6.89%), Sky Tg24
(6.81%), TgLa7 (6.73%), Rai News (6.59%), Corriere della Sera
(6.55%), La Repubblica (6.3%), La Stampa (6.21%), Il Fatto
Quotidiano (6.12%), HuffPost (5.87%), Mediaset (5.78%), Yahoo
News (5.68%), Il Giornale (5.65%) and Porta a porta (5.51%).
The scale was measured on answers to the question How
trustworthy would you say news from the following brands is?
In the scale, 0 is 'not at all trustworthy' and 10 is
'completely trustworthy'.
The report said the debate and the concerns on fake news may
help explain relatively low trust - a long-standing trend that
is mainly attributable to the partisan nature of many Italian
news outlets.
Brands that are most trusted - like the Italian main news
agency ANSA, the business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, and Sky
Italia's newscast SkyTG24 - are generally those that are known
for lower levels of politicisation.
The ANSA website rose from fourth to third in the latest
annual Reuters survey of Italian news sites per number of users.
"It is an unusual example of a news agency that gives a
direct offering to the consumer and attracts a significant
number of online unique users", the report said.
The top two were La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera.

photo: ANSA Editor-in-Chief Luigi Contu

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