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Aquarius shd be at sea as little as possible - Mogherini (3)


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Brussels, June 14 - European Union High
Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini said
Thursday that she thinks the Aquarius migrant-rescue ship should
be at sea as little as possible given adverse weather
"The identification of the disembarkation port is a national
decision upon which the EU does not have competence," Mogherini
told a news conference when asked about the Aquarius case.
"But given the news about the sea conditions, there is a
clear indication (in international law) for every effort to
limit the time of the people aboard the ship".
Mogherini said the long-term solution was for EU member
States to display greater solidarity.
"There is a problem about the re-financing of the European
Fund for Africa," she said, adding that projects for Libya and
the countries of origin of many migrants and of transit depended
on this.
"It's a problem that I've raised several times with the
member States and which it is necessary to draw attention to
because, and here I comment on the Aquarius case too, the
priority at sea is to save lives, but the solution is on land.
"It's in Europe, with stronger, more effective solidarity
among States".

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