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>>>ANSA/ Giorgio Armani casual with double-breasted elegance


Milan, June 18 - The double-breasted jacket, that
classic symbol of formality, in the hands of Giorgio Armani is
transformed for summer into an elegant and casual look, paired
with shorts, and worn over a vest or even on bare skin like a
"Nowadays there are various forms of elegance, a mixing of
different things, because dressing takes into account a world
that has changed," the designer said.
Speaking of the garment at the heart of his new collection,
the double-breasted jacket, Armani said, "It is usually worn for
a formal occasion, while I wanted to show how it can take the
place of a sports garment, if it's made in printed silk, in a
light fabric".
He said that by changing its form depending on the occasion,
the formal jacket becomes "wearable, accessible to everyone".
Armani said when he looked at the models prior to the runway
show, they "seemed like workers who put on an old jacket because
they feel more dressed up".
Therein lies the great work of style, the ability to
transform the double-breasted jacket of the manager or the
politician into a garment that Armani called "informal, casual,
The collection also elevates denim in an elegant dress with
jacket, shirt, and jeans, which he said "has lost that poor
man's air, taking up one that's very sophisticated".
The fluid double-breasted suit worn with a side-buttoned vest
or crewneck sweater, all in light, summer shades ranging from
chalk white to hemp gray, interspersed with blue, and accents of
turquoise, jade green, and powder blue.
The surfaces are equally light, with abstract prints and the
brand's new logo.
ß "It's very difficult to talk about the future of elegance,"
Armani said.
He put his seal on the final piece of the show in a simple
blue T-shirt with "Giorgio" written on it.
"We debated for a long time about whether or not to write
Giorgio," he said.
"Everyone calls me Signor Armani, but at my age it's better
to be familiar, and so I say, 'call me Giorgio," he said with a

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