Giovedì, 20 Settembre 2018

Salvini mistaken but Italy can't be abandoned - Moscovici (3)


Paris, June 19 - European Economic Affairs
Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said Tuesday that he considered
Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's tough stance on
migrants to be mistaken while stressing that Italy should not be
left to cope with the problem on its own.
"Salvini's message is not the right one," Moscovici said in
Paris, after the interior minister refused to let the Aquarius
migrant-rescue ship have access to Italian ports earlier this
"Preferring to retreat on yourself than opening up to the
world amounts to turning your back on the tradition of
hospitality that is written in the values of our history.
"But the message behind Salvini's gesture should be listened
"The member States cannot leave Italy on its own with the
migratory crisis".
Salvini is also at the centre of attention for saying on
Monday that he wants to have a sort of census of people of Roma
ethnicity in Italy.
With regard to this issue, Moscovici called on Salvini to
"respect the rule of law".

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