Martedì, 25 Settembre 2018

Trade in fake Italian goods costs 1-2% of GDP (2)


Rome, June 20 - The OECD said in a report on
Wednesday that global trade in fake Italian goods such as luxury
handbags, watches, foodstuffs and car parts is costing Italy's
economy the equivalent of 1-2% of GDP in terms of lost sales.
"Trade in counterfeit goods and the Italian economy estimates
the total value of counterfeit and pirated Italian goods sold
worldwide at over 35 billion euros for 2013, equivalent to 4.9%
of global Italian manufacturing sales," the OECD said.
"This resulted in over 25 billion euros in lost sales by
Italian companies in a year when Italy's GDP was 1.6 trillion
The highest losses in sales in 2013 were for high-tech
electronic, electrical and optical products, followed by
clothing, footwear, leather and related products, the OECD said.
In terms of market share, the biggest losses were in the
watch and jewellery sector, where the counterfeit market caused
a 7.5% loss in sales.

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