Mercoledì, 26 Settembre 2018

Seefuchs-Lifeline aren't ours - Netherlands (2)


Brussels, June 21 - The Netherlands said Thursday
that it is not true that the Lifeline and another NGO-run
migrant-rescue ship, the Seefuchs, are sailing under Dutch
"The Seefuchs and Lifeline are not sailing under Dutch flag
as per UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea)
flag state responsibility," the Netherlands representation at
the EU said via Twitter.
"These ships are owned by German NGOs and not entered into
the NL ships register.
"So NL is not able to give instructions to these ships. Italy
is aware of the Dutch position.
"We explicitly share Italy's concerns about the sustained
irregular flow of migrants who cross the Mediterranean Sea, the
unintended side effects of rescue operations and the precarious
position of Italy as first country of arrival," it added in a
subsequent tweet. "Solidarity is required".

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